32 - Hour Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester CE   

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Hours:  32 (Classes 8 am – 5 pm Monday – Thursday, unless otherwise noted)
Cost:  $525

TCEQ Course Code 1206 BPATThis course is designed to provide 32 hours of continuing education for licensed Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers.  This course also provides the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) required 8 hours of “hands-on” continuing education.  The 32 hour BPAT CE is conducted concurrently with the 40 hour “Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester” course Monday through Thursday. While the participant in the 32 hour BPAT CE class will perform practical skills training, the participant will not be required to take the TCEQ BPAT “Practical Skills” exam.

Completing this course also provides continuing education credit for the following licenses:

·         32-hours of continuing education credits for licensed Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers

·         12-hours of continuing education credits for licensed Water and Wastewater Operators

·         12-hours of continuing education credits for licensed Landscape Irrigators (LI)

·         12-hours of continuing education credits for licensed Customer Service Inspectors (CSI)

·         12-hours of continuing education credits for licensed Water Treatment Specialist

Note:  TCEQ has adopted the University of Southern California (USC) 10th Edition Manual of Cross-Connection Control as the standard for backflow prevention assembly testing procedures. The (USC) 10th edition manual is not provided with nor required for this class.  If you wish, you may purchase a (USC) 10th edition manual for the class or bring your own.  Course materials with test procedures are included with the class.


·         Individuals wishing to obtain continuing education credit

·         Irrigators

·         Water Operators

·         Water Treatment Specialists

·         Fireline Contractors

·         Customer Service Inspectors


To receive 32 hours TCEQ CE credit, the participant must be a currently licensed Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester (BPAT).  To receive 12 hours TCEQ CE credit the participant must hold 1 or more license previously listed.

Effective September 1, 2017, pursuant to TCEQ Reg-521 "Criminal History Guidelines", those with a felony criminal history should contact TCEQ Licensing Division prior to registering for a training course. Specific criminal history could negatively impact the ability to receive a TCEQ issued occupational license.


HAC offers free on site gauge certification for 1 gauge to each registered student.  Additional gauges can be certified for $70 per gauge. Contact us for more information.

Upcoming Classes 


07/23 - 07/26/2018

Carrollton, Texas
Course Number
: 18-1206-07b


HAC Training Room
2105 Luna Road, Suite 310
Carrollton, Texas 75006

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08/06 - 08/10/2018

Houston, Texas
Course Number
: 18-1206-08a


Southern Water Corp.
5710 Airline Drive
Houston, Texas 77076

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08/27 - 08/30/2018

Carrollton, Texas
Course Number
: 18-1206-08b


HAC Training Room
2105 Luna Road, Suite 310
Carrollton, Texas 75006

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09/10 - 09/13/2018

Lufkin, Texas
Course Number
: 18-1206-09a


City of Lufkin
305 Davis Street
Lufkin, Texas 75901

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10/08 - 10/11/2018

Huntsville, Texas
Course Number
: 18-1206-10

(Attendance at this class will require a separate payment for parking to be made to the university.)


Sam Houston State University (Piney Woods Hall)
2120 Avenue I
Huntsville, Texas 77340

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10/22 - 10/25/2018

Pflugerville, Texas
Course Number
: 18-1206-10b


City of Pflugerville
15500 Sun Light Near Way
Pflugerville, Texas 78660

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