Our team includes highly skilled individuals, including Master Plumbers, TCEQ Double A operators for water and wastewater, and inspectors possessing all required TCEQ licenses for conducting and providing backflow prevention services. With a group trained in numerous disciplines, Hardin & Associates Consulting provides third party auditing and inspection services in a variety of areas. Outsourcing these efforts is often more cost effective for municipalities. 

We provide the following inspection services:

  • Customer Service Inspections (CSI)
  • Water Use Surveys
  • BPAT Testing
  • Water Leak Audit Detection
  • Water and Wastewater Maintenance
  • Code Enforcement
  • Public Health Nuisances
  • Drought Management Compliance
  • Water Main Hydrostatic Testing and Disinfection
  • Water Quality Testing and Sampling
    • Bac T
    • Lead & Copper
    • Water Quality parameters
    • Chlorine monitoring